Dogtrotting Shop: Wearable Dog Love for Valentines Season Only

true love charcoal sweatshirt has a new shopcheck out exclusive designs celebrating dog love and dog travel. Always take your dog along … that’s a mantra you’ll soon be able to wear on your sleeve.


But first, it’s the season of dog love and we’re having a contestcheck it out here. Last week we celebrated the launch of the shop with an opportunity to win our ‘true (dog) love’ sweatshirt

The ‘true love’ sweatshirt is the first in a series of three Fido fashion-forward designs exclusive to this site: ‘Dogs Lead with Love‘ and ‘Puppy Love.’

If you haven’t entered already, please go to the contest here. If you haven’t seen our shop yet, please give it a view here. (Postage included in all prices). Even better, product mails from the U.S. for U.S. customers and product mails from Canada for Canadian customers!

Up next … Valentines Pup Treats.


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  2. Nice Sherri!

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