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Dogtrotting.net – Global Travel for Dog Lovers

Travel, adventure, and all things dog …

canva imageDogtrotting.net features inspiring articles about…

  • places to travel with your dog

  • reviews of dog-friendly hotels, festivals and cafes

  • unique travel attractions about dogs

  • dogs encountered while travelling

  • and dog products that make your life easier.

Articles are posted three times a month by me, Sherri, with the help of my schnoodle sidekick Victor. (See: Meet Victor and Friends).

Sign up via email.

Three times a month you’ll receive a dog-friendly travel narrative based on first hand (and canine) experience complete with important where, when and how information, helpful when giving it a try yourself. In the middle of the month you might also get a service feature with links to informative sites offering practical advice, or a book review, dog tidbit, or a feature image of a charming dog just too photogenic to pass by.

Most importantly, dogtrotting.net wants to hear from you.

Where have you been with your dog? What destinations or sites near you are dog-friendly? What inspires you to travel, with or without your pet? What dog friendly travel tips can you share?

Let us know in the comment section each and every post.

So sign up via email at www.dogtrotting.net now and share with other dog and travel enthusiasts.

Dogtrotting.net is a companion site to www.horsetrotting.net and www.cattrotting.net (coming soon), so why not check those out too? Sign up via email for all three, because what’s better than one animal travel site? Three.

Thanks for reading,

canada flasSherri Telenko




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One comment

  1. Liz Barron · · Reply

    I’ve been traveling with my dog, Lucy, for the past month. She is great in the truck. I have some issues with breaking her regular schedule of eating, walking, treats, more walks and her bedtime snack time. All of which is hard to do when driving for ten hours. Lucy is adapting well, me, on the other hand, is feeling like I should stop more, walk her more, stay longer at rest stops.

    Liked by 1 person

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