Kitchener, ON: DogLoversDays of Summer 2019

Rarely do I get to Kitchener anymore, but when I do it’s for a dog event – and usually at Bingemans Park. (I will try camping there some time).

Dogloversdays was back at Bingemans Marshall Hall July 13 and 14, 2019, 10 am to 4 pm. Indoors (except for dog diving) and free. Yes, free this year thanks to Nutram Pet Products.

Aqua Dogs Dock Diving held court in the parking lot while other pups (including mine) spent most time indoors escaping the heat. Unlike other dog events, this one isn’t primarily about vendors although many local favourites where there including Ruff Stitched, who sponsored the best-dressed dog stage.

Dogloversdays is about the activities including Aqua Dogs Dock Diving, two lure courses to try out, an agility course and indoor leash free play zone – which my cranky dog wasn’t in the mood to enjoy today. A bit surprising too, because the event wasn’t crowded. I placated him with a sniffing stroll through the nearby woods and some dried beef lung from Raw Performance.

Find DogLoversDays Lure Course at these up-coming events: Dog Fest Muskoka on July 20 and the Meaford Pet Expo July 27, 2019.

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