Fur-Mom Day Pottery Prints … Pawsome!

Happy Fur Mom Day!

Yes, that’s a thing…now. In celebration of enjoying life with fur babies – two cats and one pup – I spent one-hour two Saturdays in a row relaxing (what luxury) with my dog Victor at My Dog’s Café on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario.

First Saturday – paw print day. Thanks to Crock A Doodle, a paint-your-own pottery outlet, Victor’s paw print got immortalized in glaze. All for a good cause: the event was a fundraiser for Monkey Dog Rescue Canada, a passion project of the café owner.

Victor’s paws are very furry, so our print was particularly chaotic. But so is our life together. Perfect.

Second Saturday – picked up the glazed and fired paw-print ornament after it was kiln-fired at Crock a Doodle. Just in time for fur-Mother’s Day. Then paused on the patio for a coffee and cookie with Victor (few places in town allow this thanks to provincial legislation). Best $25 I’ve spent this year.

Check out other creative dog likenesses here….


  1. […] fundraising includes photos with Santa, Valentines’ Day photos, paw print ornament painting (which my dog Victor did) and online auctions, the latest running on the organization’s FaceBook page from November 29 to […]


  2. That’s a cool project. I love the chaotic, furry paw.

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