Fur-Mom Day Pottery Prints … Pawsome!

Happy Fur Mom Day!

Yes, that’s a thing…now. In celebration of enjoying life with fur babies – two cats and one pup – I spent one-hour two Saturdays in a row relaxing (what luxury) with my dog Victor at My Dog’s Café on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario.

First Saturday – paw print day. Thanks to Crock A Doodle, a paint-your-own pottery outlet, Victor’s paw print got immortalized in glaze. All for a good cause: the event was a fundraiser for Monkey Dog Rescue Canada, a passion project of the café owner.

Victor’s paws are very furry, so our print was particularly chaotic. But so is our life together. Perfect.

Second Saturday – picked up the glazed and fired paw-print ornament after it was kiln-fired at Crock a Doodle. Just in time for fur-Mother’s Day. Then paused on the patio for a coffee and cookie with Victor (few places in town allow this thanks to provincial legislation). Best $25 I’ve spent this year.

Check out other creative dog likenesses here….

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  1. That’s a cool project. I love the chaotic, furry paw.

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