Hoppy Easter Ya all and April’s Fools to boot!

dogtrotting easter oneHoppy Easter Ya all and April’s Fools to boot!

Victor, my cocker-cross, is paw-paring for his a drive out of town – call it a day-cation. I’ll let you know what dog-friendly fun we find in Ontario’s Niagara Region.

In the meantime, enjoy Victor’s reluctant Easter photo shoots – he hates cameras. However, he took one for the team and poised for a nanosecond (literally) as April of Willow Bean Photography quickly snapped. A fundraiser for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary (where Victor’s feline sister Daisy is from),  Willow Bean Photography set up a photo studio at PetValu in Waterdown, Ontario successfully raising $450 for a good cause.

dog with Easter Bunny at PetsMartAfter that, I shelped Victor off to PetSmart to get cuddled by the Easter Bunny. Don’t worry, Victor was aptly rewarded with any treat he wanted … or what I found that I thought he’d love.

Easter morning he enjoyed Merrick’s Easter Brunch – it’s fun the company releases holiday-themed wet food each season that way our fur babies can get a special dinner, without consuming potentially unhealthy ‘people food’ (particularly when there’s no meat on my people food table).

merrik easter brunch dog foodCheck out Merrick’s on Amazon.ca (affiliate link) here or on Amazon.com (affiliate link) here


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Proof that dogs love their masters, no matter what we subject them through. AS long as they are with you, they tolerate almost anything just to be with around a caring master

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    1. Well, true. But I’m less of a master and more of a caregiver … or dog mom.


  2. Victor may not have liked posing, but the photo is cute anyway. Tippy was not a fan of Santa. I can imagine she would NOT like a giant bunny.

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    1. When we got to PetSmart, we were the only dog there – but I can imagine more than one barked at this creature.

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  3. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    is victor a mini schnauzer? i have schnauzers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I got him I was told he was likely a schnoodle – half schnauzer half poodle. But a DNA Your Dog test says he’s half Cocker Spaniel, half Jack Russel. I think grandpa was a schnauzer … too much mustache there.


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