Travel Burlington,ON: Dog & Puppy Parade Family Day at Terra

Got a seasonal business? Got a lot of room?

Be great. Create a dog-friendly event during the slow season and attract a slew of people looking for something to do in the dead of winter.

Be like Terra Greenhouses in Southern, Ontario, Canada.

Family Day is the third Monday of every February in Ontario, Canada. We needed a holiday in February so we made one up. (It’s the Canadian way).

Family Day is also Dog & Puppy Parade Day at Terra Greenhouses – people and their pooches arrive on mass to participate in (or watch) the Wiener Dog Races, free photo booth, free nail clipping service, kids craft table and costume contest (for your dog).

Scholars in Collars Canine Show makes an appearance and I look forward to finding out what that’s about.

The event is free and co-sponsored by Merrick pet food and Ren’s Pets, a pet store outlet throughout Ontario. Ren’s gives out samples, coupons and information at its booth set up under the sun-filled greenhouses of a Terra Greenhouse location.

Terra has five locations: Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Vaughan and Waterdown. Dog & Puppy Parade rotates locations each year. Last year (pictured here) was in Hamilton, Ontario.

The third annual Terra Greenhouse Dog & Puppy Parade Day coming up February 19, 2018 is at the Burlington location, 2273 #5 Highway (between Guelph Line and Brant Street), 10 am to 3 pm.

Oh, and maybe pick up some plants or garden supplies while you’re there. Just make sure they’re pet safe.

What’s dog safe? Here’s the ASPCA’s extensive list of what’s toxic and what’s not:  ASPCA LIST OF PLANTS. My favourite non-toxic house plants? Basil, Bamboo, Spider Plant, African Violet, and Lily of the Valley orchid.

succulent dog planter amazonLove plants? Check out this succulent dog planter available on dog planter. (affiliate link) Too cute.
Need something from Canada? We got you. Check out this planter on dog planter (affiliate link)


  1. I am a dog lover. And It’s really a great blog for me. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  2. Looks like so much fun and a great way to spend a cold February day! If you go tomorrow, have fun!

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    1. Thank you! Heading out now…

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