Spoiling the Dog with Pumpkin Waffles: Day 4

dog eating pumpkin waffleWhen your best friend Sasha, a lab-cross, is staying for the week, Sunday brunch begs for waffles. Or the dogs do.

Yes, this is a recipe for dog waffles full of healthy pumpkin, rice flour (instead of wheat, so no gluten) and a squirt of that special waffle ingredient: salmon oil, because who doesn’t like a hint of fish with their waffle?

I broke out the waffle iron for this one (one I bought from a dog rescue silent auction fundraiser). Trouble is, I hadn’t used it before. One thing I learned: don’t over fill it, or you’ll be cleaning pumpkin waffle batter off the counter tops for days.

dog pumpkin waffle
Pumpkin Waffles for Dogs

3 cups rice flour

2 eggs

1 cup canned pumpkin puree

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp salmon oil

Mix all dry ingredients together.

Stir in wet ingredients. Mix well.

Pour into waffle iron sprayed with oil.

Cook according to waffle iron instructions and serve.

Clearly, I let these cool off a lot and cut them into pieces. I added a hint of real whip cream to Sasha’s serving but neither dog needed enticement to give them a try.

Victor didn’t eat all of his waffle at once – it was big – but he did eventually finish it, and more.

This recipes makes about four waffles, so invite the dog park crew. It’s brunch time.

Want to make your own dog treats?snoopy cookbook
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  7. weemontytheyorkiepoo · · Reply

    I will definitely be trying some of your yummy recipes this week. We are Canadian but hey what Canadian doesn’t jump on the USA Thanksgiving band wagon just cuz we can? Pumpkin is still very much in the radar for a while longer.
    Nice to meet you!!


  8. Salmon Oil… YUMMY! 😀

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    1. Yes, who knew that was the secret ingredient in waffles…

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