Hamilton, Ontario: Dogs Wiggling, Waggling, and Walking … for the SPCA

Dogs in waterpark at SPCA Walk

Friendly face at SPCA Walk

Victor is pooped tonight – he gave his all Sunday afternoon during the SPCA Wiggle Waggle Walk on September 13, 2015 at Confederation Park in Hamilton, Ontario.

He had a busy weekend, and part included following a pack of several hundred people and their pups along the edge of Lake Ontario, sniffing marine smells, and keeping up with the canine tide. This 12-year-old schnoodle (approximately) raised $320 (with a bit of assistance from me) to help shelters pets, a plight he knows too well.

Hamilton SPCA Walk

Keeping warm and fueled at Hamilton SPCA Walk

Before finding his way to my home – his fourth and final – Victor was surrendered to a shelter … twice. Something I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten. But he’s been with me almost four years and hopefully visions of homelessness are as distant as the poodle-crosses and baby strollers we’re leaving in our wake today.

The people/pet partnerships (mostly dogs and fur parents but two miniature ponies and a goat joined the walk) that raised $100 or more earned a ticket to the ‘after party:’ Wave pool fun at the closing day of the Wild Waterworks water park. Unfortunately, the weather was damp and cold so other than about ten lab-type dogs leaping into the imitation beach after Frisbees, few pooches or people ventured into the water.

horses at the SPCA walk

All pets welcome… including dog-loving horses

Ruby the goat

Ruby the goat

Victor kept a comfortable distance getting only his paws wet while wondering when we were heading out, especially after the waves cranked up to full crest. As we were leaving, we saw the ‘Little Squirts’ pool open for small dogs only. He had a better time there, running in circles and plopping into the water only once, I think by accident.

Overall, the event raised $27,000 and it’s still accepting donations in attempt to meet its $60,000 goal. We, at least, surpassed ours by $20, and Vic got to experience (albeit a little reluctantly) a water park, which he likely missed out on in his wayward youth.

Got a favourite animal charity? Let us know about it in the comments section!

Friendly face at Hamilton SPCA Walk

Dogs in water park at SPCA Walk

dogs in waterpark at SPCA Walk

Water park after party

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